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Chutework Engineering Design Drawing Ingenium DesignChutework is what connects all the process equipment and where material flows by gravity through a process. Chutework comes in many forms depending on the material being handled and the process. We can design chutework for your process and provide you with the engineered drawings you need to have the chutes fabricated. If you are handling a difficult material, we can also provide Discrete Element Method (DEM) Analysis on our chutes with your material as part of an iterative design to an optimal chute. We model our chutes in 3D to ensure fit up, construct-ability, and to better communicate with our client how the chute will be maintained.  Some of the chute features we can help you with are listed below:

  • Wear Liners (AR plate, Chromium Carbide, Ceramic Tile, etc.)
  • Sliding Surfaces (Stainless, UHMW, etc.)
  • Rock Boxes
  • Custom Access Doors
  • Pipe Chutes
  • Adjustable Flow Vanes
  • Diverter Gates
  • Actuators
  • Maintenance Safety and Access Features
  • Dust Mitigation, Suppression and Collection
  • Hoppers
  • Grizzly
  • Sampling Ports
  • Flow Measurement
  • Magnetic Separators
  • Plug Chute Switches
  • Flow Aids
  • Screens for lumps or debris separation

Chutework Drawing Engineering Design Ingenium Design

Chutework Drawing Engineering Utah Mining Platework Ingenium Design Rock Box

Chute Work and Diverter gate

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