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Connection Design

After the detailed engineering is completed on a project, the steel is ready to be fabricated. Before the steel can be fabricated, shop drawings are generated for each individual piece of steel that is to be fabricated. Often times additional engineering is required at this part of a project for complex connection design as shown in the images below. These connections are made complicated by the loads and the geometry of the structure. Connection design may also be required for moment connections or when seismic forces need to be taken into account.

Ingenium Design has helped fabricators all over the United States with complex connection designs on a variety of structures. Let us help you with your next project and we can show you how efficient we can be at getting connections designed. In working with fabricators, we know how urgent their work is. In many cases the steel has been ordered and fabrication has begun while detailing is just days ahead of them.  Let us make the process easier for you. Our years of experience have taught us not to over complicate this part of a project. Work with us and we will show you how easy it can be when it is done right the first time. Click here to see the states we are licensed in.

Connection Design Base PlateConnection Design MomentConnection Design BraceConnection Design Brace











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