Salt Lake City, Utah

Power Generation

The Ingenium Design Team works with the power generation industry to improve processes and material handling systems. Continual improvement is what we are passionate about both internally and with every project we work on. The critical nature of power generation lends itself to thorough consideration of the impacts of each design decision. Our War Room style design approach ensures the design is on the right track from the beginning and our combined experiences allow us to complete each project with precision.

Our experiences include a variety of power generation projects including coal fired, concentrated solar, molten salt, wood chips and bio-fuel. We provide engineered designs for new additions, upgrades and maintenance projects.

Crusher Bypass Power Gen
Crusher Bypass

New Additions

New additions may lend themselves to a feasibility study. This study may involve some simple sketches or require more complex 3D development. With a 3D model we can produce general arrangement drawings for review by stakeholders in the project. After buy in, further development of the basic engineering and cost estimating can be provided. The study concludes with a feasibility report detailing any options and recommendations we have. It is important to us that this is done well up front to allow educated decisions to be made. When the project moves forward, the design process is smooth and there are no surprises in the detailed engineering phase.

If your project is looking to add redundant systems or expand fuel storage capacity we would love to be involved. Often times an addition includes the addition of truck and rail loading or unloading facilities. Whether this is to unload alternative fuels or load bi-products we are here to help.

Scrubber Addition


Upgrades may involve increasing capacity or making changes to the fuel being utilized. We also provide design services for improved access, safety, and maintenance. There may just be a piece of equipment that has been around for a while and it is time for a replacement. The footprint of your new equipment may vary as well as the maintenance, power requirements and the chutework connected to the equipment.

We excel at finding all the impacts of upgrades and detailing out each piece of the work to simplify the construction and commissioning of the upgrade. We can help with your scope of work documents as well as bid evaluations for contractors selected to bid on the work.

Head Chute Flow Vane
Head Chute Flow Vane Installation

Maintenance Projects

When we are replacing equipment, we will look for things that can be improved. Maintenance personnel are often the best resource for improvements and safety concerns with any existing system or design of a new system. We are in the habit or working with maintenance personnel to incorporate the features and devices needed to effectively maintain equipment and include engineered safety systems to avoid putting people at risk.

Maintenance projects also include the addition of added systems to improve maintenance. These may include wash down, compressed air, vacuum, and dust collection systems to minimize dust cleanup requirements as well as any hazards.

Chutework Modification
Chute Work Modification


We understand that having a high availability factor is important in power generation and a reliable design that is easy and safe to maintain is critical. Our designs take into consideration the construction sequence and activities that will need to occur during installation.

Where hot work is limited we can provide bolted systems. We also work diligently to minimize downtime of systems by strategically sequencing components as to not interrupt processes for longer than necessary.

Conveyors and reclaim tunnel
Feasibility study of redundant reclaim conveyor