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Bulk Material Handling Design and Engineering

Bulk Material HandlingBulk material handling is one the best terms to describe what we do at Ingenium Design. What is bulk material handling? Bulk material handling focuses on the engineering surrounding the
handling of dry materials. These bulk materials include ores, aggregates, coal, food, wood, waste and other beneficiated products. Bulk material handling includes the process equipment that may be required as well as the transportation equipment throughout the plant. Process equipment may include crushers, screens, compactors, dryers, coolers, lump breakers or other equipment that further beneficiates the product.

Not only do we need process equipment, but we also need to move the material between the process equipment. Transportation equipment within the plant includes belt conveyors, feeders, screw conveyors, drag conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, and bucket elevators to name a few. Based on the quantity and type of material you are transporting, we can help determine the best equipment to use for your application. Getting the material into and out of the process requires additional equipment based on the method of loading and unloading. Ingenium Design has extensive experience designing hoppers for receiving material from rail cars, trucks and front end loaders. We are also very experienced in designing storage and weigh bins for loading material into trucks or rail cars.



Chutework is a critical part of bulk material handling. Chutework connects all of the process and transportation equipment. The geometry can become quite complex and is custom designed for the material being transported and the equipment being served. As one can imagine the different requirements for a sticky material versus a dry material with high flow-ability. Dust generation, abrasion and corrosion are also major considerations when designing chutework. Since Ingenium Design’s standard operating procedure is to model and layout a process in 3D, we can ensure we give adequate room for the proper design of chutework. Too many times chutework becomes an afterthought in bulk material handling design. This can lead to problematic chutes that plug because the chute angles end up being more shallow than originally desired. If you have chutework that is beyond it’s useful life or is giving you trouble and is covered in sledge hammer dents, let us help you.

Equipment support and access is also a very important part of bulk material handling. Ingenium Design’s strength is our ability to collaborate on projects with the structural, mechanical and 3D modeling to ensure the layout supports the process. What we mean is that there is room to replace and maintain equipment as well as good safe access for the operator and maintenance personnel. We can also provide design of ancillary equipment and systems needed to run and maintain your process for a complete Industrial Plant Design. These systems may include compressed air, supply and effluent water as well as dust collection and facility HVAC systems.

If you are looking to improve your process, replace equipment or start a new process from scratch, we are here to help you. We can work anywhere from the napkin sketch to detailed shop drawing review and any of the engineering in between. We can give your bulk material handling needs the detailed attention they require.

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