Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Culture

At Ingenium we are 
passionate, competent, and authentic. 
Integrity is the core of our work. 
Empathy guides our relationships.

Here is a little bit about Ingenium Design. We are a team of engineers and drafters who have worked together for more than a decade. After years of working for other people, we realized we do things a little differently, so we launched Ingenium Design. Oh by the way, the Ingenium part connects to the word “engineer” in Latin.

So here we are. A little rough around the edges, a little irreverent, but highly committed to our profession and doing top notch project work. No one cares more about delivering exceptional quality than we do.

We are client focused and we don’t bounce around from project to project, always looking for the peach. If designing a handrail is what you need, sign us up. If you need a large material handling facility, happy to help with that too! We are an engineering firm headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide our services all over the United States.

Over the years we have developed a strong network of contractors, fabricators, equipment vendors and the best engineers, designers and drafters in the industry. Below are some of the industry organizations we are members of. We are thrilled to be able to service our clients in a way we are proud of. We look forward to improving your facility as well as pushing the industry forward. We strive to make every project better than the last and bring up a generation of engineers that have an abundance of technical knowledge and practical experience.

We want to get to know you, but in the meantime, here is a little more about us. We started out as just three business partners and have since brought together an incredible team of professionals. With this team we have delivered impressive work that we are all excited about. Accountants and book keepers have kept us from going cross-eyed. Our office manager is helping to make our outlandish pipe dreams a reality. Cracking the whip, she keeps the business running smooth. Our engineers are working diligently to keep up with our exceptional marketing team.  Our designers are producing industry leading drawings that impress the most seasoned project managers, fabricators and contractors. We are honored to be working with such an exceptional team. Together our vision is to take the complexity of engineering and construction and simplify it into well-developed drawings that clearly communicate the project. Let’s not make this Hard!